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At John Dunn Funerals our experience has taught us that it is never too early to begin planning. Whether you are prompted by a funeral you have attended or the onset of an illness; you will soon realise that the careful, preplanning of a funeral can make a great deal of difference during a difficult time.


Whether for ourselves or our loved ones, there are many things to consider including the type of funeral service we would like to have. This may range from a basic non attended cremation to a traditional church service and a burial in one of the surrounding cemeteries.

With so many different options it has become too difficult to have set costs. If f you wish to make an enquiry feel free to call and get an accurate estimate for you or your loved ones funeral expenses.

Bendigo Funeral Bond

The Bendigo Funeral Bond is a capital-guaranteed savings and investment plan that solely accumulates funds for your funeral expenses. Asset exemptions are also available from Centrelink that may help you maximise your pension.

Along with peace of mind for family and friends, Bendigo Funeral Bond offers:

  • Capital-guaranteed investment and accumulated bonuses
  • Centrelink Pension income and assets test exemptions
  • The bond can be for individual, joint bondholders or for a separate life insured
  • Low-risk investment strategy
  • Professional investment management and administration

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